Fogarty Finger is committed to redefining the urban built environment through projects that are as evocative as they are pragmatic. The firm’s award-winning work captures the spirit of its surroundings, while creating a layered sense of materiality and refinement. The end result encapsulates smart design solutions that are responsive to the moment yet timeless in appeal.

The firm’s array of prominent commercial and residential projects showcases its strength in a dual concentration in architecture and interior design, both distinguished with its thoughtful and deliberate approach. The architecture practice has authored a number of notable large-scale ground-up projects in NYC as well as nationally. The interior design practice has established a distinct voice by bringing color, warmth and culture in creating consistently beautiful commercial and multi-family residential settings.

Founded in 2003 by Chris Fogarty and Robert Finger, the firm continues to evolve thanks to the vision of its founders, as well as the dynamism of its growing workforce. A champion of collaboration, the studio, with over 125 architects and designers, has built a culture of excellence and a thriving environment to produce high-quality design.